Waldorf Products

Liner Cards

Thick durable card stock with round corners used with Main Lesson Books for students to write in straight lines Easy to use with 9x12, 11x14 and 14x11 books Two ruling spacing’s, one on each side

Oversize Pocket Portfolios

Made with heavier weight card stock, printed in yellow Fits papers up to 11x15 including Grumbacher’s Cold Pressed Watercolor Paper Two pockets

Separator Sheets

Onion skin paper used to keep sheets separated in your Main Lesson Books Easy to use with 9x12, 11x14 and 14x11 books

Art Supplies

Dahler Rowney pigmented watercolor paints Prang colored and watercolor pencils Pelikan fountain pens Strathmore newsprint pads Poster paper


Kraemer worsted wool blend skeins Clover bamboo knitting needles Pacon felt packages (9 x 12)
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